Fork in the roadMaking a decision can completely change your life. If you think of an decision as a fork in the road, the path you choose can affect everything that happens thereafter for better or for worse. Imagine the difference it would make in your life if you choose one career over another or choose to live in one state and town and not another.

Here is a real life example: In 1997 I wanted to make a decision about whether to change my career from practicing attorney to professional coach. I also wanted to decide whether to change where I lived from Houston, Texas to Santa Rosa, California. These were both major decisions and were not arrived at easily. I spent months gathering data, comparing pros and cons, assessing risk and comparing each choice with my personal values. There was no one to coach me through the process and limited resources to consult.

I made my decision: Professional Coach and Santa Rosa, California. Almost everything thereafter flowed from those decisions. The woman I met and fell in love with, where my daughters went to college, how they met their husbands, my career success, how I spend my recreational time, my friends, social life and community activities, etc.

My life would have been totally changed if I had decided differently. Better or worse-who’s to say? But I am extremely happy and feel that I made a wise decision and the correct decision for me. My interest in decision making began then and I have been studying the decision making process ever since. It is a fascinating subject and so very important to our success in life and career.

Most decisions we make are not especially important

  • Where to eat lunch
  • What movie to see
  • What to wear today

But some decisions we make in our lives are extremely important and will have a lasting impact on our lives. Here are a few examples:

  • What college to attend
  • Should I pursue a graduate degree
  • What career path to pursue
  • What job offer to accept
  • Should I change careers
  • How do I change careers
  • Should I go back to school
  • How do I change jobs
  • Where should I live
  • Should I buy a house
  • When should I retire
  • When should I take social security
  • What products or services should my business offer
  • How can I make more money in my business

What important decision do you need to make?

Decision Coaching is for you if you have an important decision to make and would like a qualified and experienced Professional Decision  Coach to help you through the process.

Please take a look around and, if you have any questions or would like to explore the benefits of decision coaching, please contact me.

I have created another website  with free information about decision making, tools to use and tips that can help you make better decisions. Perhaps that is all that you need. If so, I am glad to have been of help.

Thanks for stopping by. May all of your decisions be Wise Decisions!

Dan Roberts, Professional Decision Coach

Daniel Roberts, Professional Decision Coach