Prior to coaching, I practiced law for 25 years. My coaching career began in 1997. I received my training at Coach U and earned the Professional Certified Coach designation.  I developed a specialty in coaching attorneys ( and have helped many lawyers make important career decisions in addition to helping them achieve greater professional success.

As a result of reflection on major decisions I have made in my life, and because as a coach I was guiding more and more clients through important decisions, I became deeply interested in the decision making process.  I began to thoroughly research decision making and I applied this knowledge to working with my clients. The combination of decision making techniques plus my existing coaching skills has proved to be very beneficial for my clients.

As I expanded my knowledge and experience, I wanted to do more to help people make wise decisions. I taught a college course in Critical Thinking, an integral part of decision making, for several years. I gave talks on decision skills to civic groups and taught high school students and disadvantaged adults the fundamental steps in making a decision. I wanted to help a broader audience so I created the website.  From the feedback I have received, it has been helpful to a number of people.

From working only with attorneys, I have expanded my coaching practice to include decision coaching services for everyone. I am available to help those people who see the value in working with a professional in making a major career, business or life decision.