Decision making background conceptCoaching you one-on-one through a specific  important or difficult decision. There are two choices:

1. By the Hour:

This method is appropriate if you have a decision to make that is both important and urgent. If you need to make an important decision quickly, we will spend as much time together as it takes to arrive at a wise decision. We can meet in person if you are local or, as it usually works, we would talk via telephone or internet video.

This method is also appropriate when all that you need is help in making a final decision. Often clients come to me after already completing their research and developing the options to evaluate. We will, for due diligence purposes, briefly review the decision processes that brought you to this point to be sure there was nothing overlooked. Then I will coach you through an evaluation of the options and assessment of risk. I can usually help a client arrive at a final decision in one or two coaching sessions.

My rate for one-on-one decision coaching is $250 per hour.

2. Decision Coaching Flat Fee:

This method is appropriate if you have an important decision to make but it is not urgent. After understanding who you are (your values & goals) and what exactly it is that needs to be decided, we schedule coaching sessions, usually every week to 10 days apart and lasting 1-1½ hours. In between the sessions you will do assignments (“fieldwork”) that we have agreed will help us move forward with the decision process. This fieldwork could include structured thinking about you and what you want and researching information necessary to make the decision. In the coaching sessions, we will go step-by-step through the decision-making process until your final decision is made.

The Decision Coaching Flat Fee is $750. This covers all decision coaching sessions with the added benefit of in-between session communications and coaching via phone or email at no additional charge.

Helping You Carry Out Your Decision:

A wise decision doesn’t help you if you don’t carry it out. How many times have you heard a friend say, repeatedly, that they are going back to school, get a new job, etc. but they never follow through? A decision not acted upon is a decision wasted. If you have committed to make the best decision possible and retained me to help you, it is only logical that all actions be taken to carry the decision out.

As a trained and experienced coach, I have been coaching clients to achieve their goals since 1997. I can help you carry out your decision. If you would like my help, we will work together through regular coaching sessions to determine and take the action steps necessary to achieve the goal of carrying out your decision. The structure and accountability of coaching can help you realize the important decision that you have made.

If you have any questions about the decision services I provide or if you have a particular interest or need regarding decision making, please contact me.