Working with Dan is a game-changer. I came to Dan feeling stuck with a career decision. My thinking was rigid and stuck in analysis paralysis. Dan coached me through his decision-making process and gave me the tools and confidence to get unstuck and carry out my decision. On the phone, he’s upbeat, friendly and his passion for decision making made the coaching so much fun. A five-star experience all around, thanks Dan!
I came to Dan with a dilemma, an urgent career decision that impacted many areas of my life. I was stressed and unsure about how to proceed. Dan guided me through the decision making process. He helped me analyze my situation and determine the criteria to use in evaluating my options. We used some simple but effective tools to compare my options and that helped me make the right choice. If you have an important decision to make, let Dan help you. He is knowledgeable, supportive and truly cares about helping you make the right decision.
I had an apples and oranges kind of life decision to make. Dan helped me see the more important decision I was facing and to focus on it. We reviewed my values and discussed my long term goals. He listened carefully and asked questions that helped me clarify what I wanted. We analyzed my options and the right choice became clear. Working with Dan not only helped me make the right decision but it gave me confidence in my decision. Hire this guy, he is good!